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by Instinct Lifestyle

Striped Beats - Oversized T-shirt

Rs. 2,800.00 Rs. 3,500.00

Introducing our latest drop of Winter Collection, the "Striped Beats - Blue" Oversized T-shirt. This piece of apparel is designed to keep you stylish and comfortable during the chilly winter months. Crafted from warm knitted fabric, the T-shirt boasts a timeless design with a modern twist. Featuring horizontal stripes in varying shades of blue and white. this visually appealing pattern will catch the eye and elevate your winter fashion game.

Product Details

  • Ribbed neckline
  • Oversized fit
  • Round neck
  • Dropped shoulder
  • Unisex clothing
  • Winter Essential

Style Note

The relaxed silhouette of Striped Beats T-shirt provides plenty of room for layering, making it perfect for cozying up in style. You can easily wear it over a long-sleeve shirt or a warm jacket.