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About Us

Our Story

If you are thinking we are just a fashion brand, then you have got it all wrong. Instinct First focuses on your innermost desires. We are a community of individuals who love following their first thoughts. Our clothes are a bespoke way to highlight those facets of your life that make you stand out. Together, you and we can create experiences, moments, memories, and whatnot!. After all, your instincts are our priority. So, we decided to build a community that lets both you and your wardrobe speak. Far away from societal rights and wrongs, Instincts First is a paradigm shift. Our clothing essentials are perfect companions for adventures that you just cannot skip! 

Vitamin Courage

Have you ever taken a day off just to go for a last-minute road trip, spend the entire day creating art, playing the guitar, or just follow your first-morning thought? We are a big fat book filled with “I did that too!” rather than “Oh! I could have done that”. Life’s too short to not chase your instincts. After all, the best stories are born when you think freely, act wholeheartedly and decide at the top of your feet. With Instincts First, we strive to build a community of fearless souls who are ready to take that leap and dive into a universe where all dreams turn into reality. In this journey where we curate some unseen events, are you taking the road less traveled? 

Behind The Instincts

Alright! Time to spill the beans. Instinct First is the brainchild of Dhruvin and Vedant. Two thrilling masterminds came together with a plan to make the world better by letting everyone build a comforting space. The pioneers of our brand have a soft spot for activities that lie beyond the monotonous spectrum of life and clothing that fits every style. So if you want to catch up with one of them? A dance-off,  backpacking trip, cricket match, football league, or an art exhibition are some ideas you should definitely keep in mind!