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Streetwear and Art : An awe-inspiring duo

Introduction : Streetwear x Art

How did Graffiti become the aesthetic of your wardrobe? Ever wonder how it started? Graffiti entails narrating a visual story in a public space through spray-painting a wall. Historically, Ancient Romans and Greeks used to inscribe their names and poems on walls. Fast Forward in the 60's it appeared on the walls of Philadelphia, artists would paint over walls, often illegally. It was the sole art form that was accessible to the masses. 

From Hip-hop to sports, various aspects of street culture were influenced by numerous art forms, at the forefront of which was graffiti. Streetwear and art both go hand in hand, drawing their strength from the power of creative expression. Streetwear legends like Stussy played a pivotal role in popularising graffiti-inspired designs on clothes. Later, the entire streetwear fraternity joined the bandwagon of inculcating Graffiti-sque aesthetics to their creations. The art evolved from graffiti now has become the cornerstone of street fashion. 

Streetwear Brand x Street Art

Street art and streetwear fashion share a strong relationship, Where street artists often make a profound impact on the styles and designs of streetwear brands. From graphics inspired by graffiti to lively prints, street art has significantly shaped the visual essence of streetwear fashion. How street art influenced street fashion?

Graffiti-Inspired Graphics: Street art's fingerprints are all over streetwear fashion. Many streetwear labels have integrated their collections from graffiti art or drawing inspiration from the bold and vivid aesthetics of pop prints. Big names like Supreme, Stussy, and BAPE are all about that graffiti life, making it a must-have in your streetwear collection.

Collaborations with Street Artists: Street art's influence isn't just about the look, moreover it’s about the collabs with street artists. A lot of streetwear brands have partnered with well-known street artists to create limited-edition collections or unique pieces. These collabs aren't just flexing but it also elevated street artists to fashion icon

Street Art Drippin' in the Designs:  Beyond the graphics and the collabs, streetwear brands are infusing street art vibes into their product designs. Inspired by Spray painting, walls full of art and putting it on fabrics is the real deal. Big players like Nike, Adidas, etc, are repping street art-inspired designs hard, making it a defining part of streetwear aesthetic.

Street Art Ruling the Hype: Street art isn't just for the streets, Streetwear brands are pulling street art-inspired visuals into their marketing moves and ad games too. You'll see street art and graffiti popping up in ads and promo, giving that edgy and complete street vibe. It's all about connecting to a younger, most alternative crowd out there.


So, there you have it, fam. Street art and streetwear, they're like the ultimate power couple in the fashion game. from the graffiti look to popping prints to the artist collabs, and even the ad game. It's a revolution, and it's here to stay. Street art isn't just an influence; it's the heartbeat of streetwear fashion, Showcasing how designers have become a source to shape the Artistic aspect of Apparel. This evolution further cemented the fusion of graffiti and streetwear.